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Computer  Repairs

Trust Meridian Computer Corporation for your computer repair needs.

Hardware Repairs

Fix any mechanical or electronic part failures inside the computer itself.

New Hardware

Assistance setting up new computers and devices including: printers, scanners, cameras, surveillance systems, and all computer peripherals and network equipment.

Operating Systems

Enact repairs to the operating system. Correct corruption or configuration problems. We service all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems including: 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/2010/7/8. We also service Apple OSX/iOS devices and Android 2.2 through 4.1 devices.

Internet Issues

Assist with internet connection problems, Web Browsing, and Email.

Application Software

Repair application software that might not be working correctly. Correct any software conflicts with hardware or other software. Will work directly with Software Vendors when appropriate.

Performance & Speed

Optimize the computer to maximize performance. Includes reviewing programs running in memory and eliminating non-essential startup programs, processes, and services.

OUR GOAL: To provide exceptional service at a competitive price.

Computer Repair Technician